15 May 2013
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This survey of Al Qaeda and its regional clones and lookalikes is a part of a series which has so far covered: AQAP The Arab peninsula; AQIM The Islamic Mahgreb including the Sahel; “Black Africa”: from the southern fringes of the Sahel, as well as an overview: “Islamic Holy Warriors – Where is terrorism going”? This attention to the five former Soviet Central Asian states and the southern republics of  [ Read More ]

16 May 2012
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The Arab League was formed in 1945 as the expression of a nascent Arab nationalism following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1919, weakening European colonialism in the Middle East and North Africa and the challenge posed by the emerging State of Israel (formalized in 1947 by the UN). Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Transjordan (later Jordan) and Iraq were the founding members; Today, the League includes 22  [ Read More ]