1 February 2017
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GEOPOLITICAL BULLETIN FEBRUARY 2017   THE RISE OF POPULISM; BREXIT: ‘DIVIDED WE WAIT’;  THE END OF ISIS?   THE RISE OF POPULIST NATIONALISM We face this as a difficult year, reflected in all of the three articles here. ‘The Rise of Populism’ by Sara Bielecki, sets the scene for key nation states of Europe, reviewing their state of play and their prospects. These are showing evidence of a worrying nationalism, quite  [ Read More ]

18 September 2013
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    DISMANTLING THE UNITED KINGDOM? THE SCOTTISH REFERENDUM by Martin Woollacott ________________    “…. how small the stakes are for the Scots, as opposed to how large they are for the wider world” In twelve months time, Scots will vote on whether or not they wish to separate from England. The two nations voluntarily united in 1707, after being under the same monarch for the previous hundred years, so  [ Read More ]

16 July 2010
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Where Did It Go Wrong With the Falun Gong? In China, the Falun Gong was introduced to the public in 1992. Its teachings embrace spiritual, religious, mystical and metaphysical ideas, and place emphasis on morality and virtue. The practice also promises health benefits to the practitioner. Falun Gong echoes traditional Chinese beliefs that humans are connected to the universe through mind. It attempts to unveil myths of the universe, time-space,  [ Read More ]