April - 26 - 2013
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 Summary: Libya still lacks a Constitution, which has been replaced by an almost Somalia like ‘arrangement by admission of most of the current ministers in Tripoli, especially the minister of Defense and surely the head of the intelligence service, whose deputy was kidnapped in broad daylight, even if only for a few hours. On November 16, Tripoli saw some of the most intense inter-militia battles of recent months and resulting in at least 40 dead, many of them bystanders.

 There is a ‘silver lining’ of sorts, which suggests that Libya might still have a chance to emerge from the post-Qadhafi mess in one piece (even if in the form of a federation). While there can be no assurances of security or safety, the population has not been shy to express its anger and it has managed to obtain a – temporary – departure of the militias from Tripoli. The people are justifiably outraged and this may have given impetus to some sympathetic elements in government to take action.

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